THE Vancouver Chapman Stick Seminar

Presents the 16th Annual

Stick Night


The music of Mexico City based Cabezas de Cera is progressive, experimental, instrumental. Mauricio and Francisco Sotelo are two extremely talented brothers who play a variety of unusual stringed and percussive instrument, some of which have been crafted in the band's metal shop. Experience their first trip to Canada!

Don Schiff got his first Chapman Stick in 1975, making him one of the earliest adopters of our favourite instrument. By the end of the decade, he was using it live and in the studio, and has either recorded or performed with, well, everybody!

In 2000, Don got one of the first NS/Stick prototypes. He has not only composed and recorded with the NS, but also developed playing techniques for this unique, hybrid instrument.


Vancouver Stickist Jim Meyer has been a regular performer around Vancouver for over a decade. Jim's solo Chapman Stick CD, Watercolour, is a collection of original instrumentals plus a few covers from other Stick players. His first disc, Arbutus and Jade, is a duet format with Vancouver drummer/percussionist Mike Michalkow.

Tickets: $7 at the door