Jim Meyer

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Watercolour - Jim Meyer


Jim Meyer - Chapman Sticks

$14.95 + shipping

A collection of 9 original instrumentals plus covers of Tom Griesgraber, Glenn Poorman and Ron Baggerman.

Performed on solo Chapman Stick with no overdubs and minimal effects.

Arbutus and Jade - Jim Meyer

Abutus and Jade

Jim Meyer - Chapman Stick

Mike Michalkow - Drums, percussion

$14.95 + shipping

Stick and Drums

Eleven original instrumentals performed mostly as a duo, plus a guest appearance by Don Schiff.

"Jim is clearly influenced by other contemporary composers (Pat Metheny and Tom Griesgraber come to mind), but his voice is definitely his own: energetic, emphatic and lyrical." - Greg Howard on stick.com

Both CDs

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