Vancouver Stick

Home of Chapman Stick player Jim Meyer

Celebrating over 20 years of Stick events in British Columbia

Vancouver Stick player Jim Meyer hosts Stick Camp Canada, an annual gathering for people who play the Chapman Stick, the 2-handed tapping instrument family developed by Emmett Chapman

The event is open to players of all levels, and for more than 20 years, Stick Camp Canada has attracted a diverse group of international Stick players from the US, Mexico, South America and Europe.

For more than 20 years, Jim has performed on the Chapman Stick from Spain to Australia. either as a solo Stickist, or with a drummer/percussionist. Sticks and Tones is Jim’s duo with drummer Dave Symington.

Jim performing at Cellar Jazz in Vancouver, 2009.

Jim with Mauricio Sotelo (Cabezas de Cera) and Stick legend Don Schiff, performing on Granville Island 2017.

Jim with Emmett Chapman performing at the 2015 NAMM Stick Night in Anaheim.

Jim Meyer performing with Japhlet Bire Attias at Stick Camp Canada 2019 on Gabriola Island.

Sticks and Tones, Jim’s duet with drummer Dave Symington, performing in Vancouver at the Strong Sessions Live 2015.

Jim has released 2 albums. Arbutus and Jade is a collection of original instrumentals for Stick and drums recorded with Mike Michalkow on drums and percussion, and a guest appearance by Don Schiff. Watercolour is a solo Chapman Stick release. Recorded with no overdubs and minimal effects, Watercolour includes three tunes from some of Jim’s favourite Stick players; Tom Griesgraber, Glenn Poorman and Ron Baggerman.

Arbutus and Jade – Stick and drums

Watercolour – solo Chapman Stick