Stick Camp Canada

August 20-24, Gabriola Island, B.C.

Stick Camp Canada is a Musical Vacation for people who play the Chapman Stick, the 2-handed tapping instrument developed by Emmett Chapman.

Stick Camp Canada is a gathering of players of all skill levels, in order to share ideas and make music together.

It is a 4-day Stick immersion experience on the shores of Gabriola Island in beautiful British Columbia.

Stick Camp Canada is an opportunity to mingle, learn, compose and perform with fellow Stick players from around the world. Stick Campers share accommodations in a rustic retreat nestled in the woods, along the shores of Gabriola Island. Stick Camp is a great opportunity to share ideas and techniques.

It is a celebration of Emmett Chapman’s Free Hands technique.

Stick Camp Canada 2020 is the 19th annual Chapman Stick gathering in British Columbia hosted by Vancouver Stick player Jim Meyer, and features Stickist, bassist, vocalist Kevin Keith (USA) and returning favourite Japhlet Bire Attias (México).

We have access to the Surf Lodge grounds, indoors and out.  What better place to share ideas and run through some music than out in the sun!  

Gabriola Island is the northernmost of the Southern Gulf Island and sets about 5km east of Nanaimo and is connected by a 20-minute ferry.

The Georgia Strait is a part of the Salish Sea and separates mainland British Columbia from Vancouver Island.  It is home to the Northern Gulf Islands (those islands north of the Vancouver Island city of Nanaimo) and the Southern Gulf Islands (south of Nanaimo).

Gabriola is just over 50 sq. km (20 sq. mi) and is home to about 4, 000 permanent residents.  The island has an active Arts community, with festivals celebrating arts, theatre, poetry, music, gardens, boating and fishing held throughout the year.